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March 03, 2012


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Chuck Brownstein

Great post Dan. It took years to get HPCC out of a long political dithering stage, over the effects of difficult federal budget cuts (Grahm-Ruddman) due to economic downturns, and implemented. At NSF the small investments in NSFnet and (OMG) applied research and "services", e.g., collaboration, code libraries search, etc., budgets almost got sacrificed to pay the mortgages on the big iron!

The research and education goals that sold it were all realized and -- look quaint by comparison to the eventual economic byproducts for the US.

I don't think there is any issue about the positive impacts of R&D in IT, but not everyone cares about the facts, and the issues of national will and leadership to realize it looms ever larger in 2012.

Dan Reed

Thanks for catching the typo

Robert Zeh

I believe the Columbian exposition was in 1892, not 1992.

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