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December 27, 2007


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Kelly in Kansas

Living two hours from a major metropolitan book store means that Amazon was a god-send - esp. given it's "if you like this, you'll like this" and "other who bought this book, also bought" in addition to "here's what you viewed recently.

I'm trying to get my head around Web 2.0 applications for educational experiences that replicate what real life is becoming. What used to be called cheating can be guided toward the types of collaboration our brave new world will demand. However, the question remains, how do we get all the components (re: students) to understand that everyone has to participate for the network to actually be a network.

Finally, what Amazon has done to turn the business model on its head - most specifically renting out physical space and handling shipping for small consumer companies - is simply amazing. In contrast to the Wal-marting of America, what Amazon seems to be doing is expanding the reach and availability of goods and services.

A physical Amazon warehouse is in nearby Coffeyville, KS, and has a definite impact on the economy in southeastern Kansas. Plus, my books often get here more quickly than when they shipped from WA or DE.

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